I’m a lyricist / songwriter based in London.
Writing and producing basically pop / radio stuff
I’m currently writing and pitching projects to artist’s, from major / independent labels.
I’ve got a good circle of industry contacts, and a great understanding of the pop market.

I’m looking for a new songwriter to collaborate with on industry projects
someone who’s great at writing high quality, ear catching, infectious pop melodies.

Someone who knows the works of:, Max Martin, Cathy Denis, Ryan Tedder, Karen Poole,
Savan Kotecha, Bonnie McKee, Dr Luke, Sarah Hudson, Rami Yacoub, Mozella, Greg Kurstin,

who’s serious about joining a team of writers who create and pitch songs to artist’s / labels.

The main genres we’d be working in are:

pop / dance, pop / RB, pop / soul, pop / urban – open to other ideas / genres

work would mainly include, writing / composing pop melodies for top 40 radio.
ideal songwriter for the collaboration, musician who plays an instrument, piano, guitar, currently not tied into a publishing deal.
We’d be dealing with, writer agreements, production contracts and session musician contracts.

Requirements are:
have a good understanding of the pop market, in the UK / US.
This ranges from, knowing 5 – 6, of the commercial pop song structures at no 1,
having a good ear for chord progressions, melody and harmonies
Must not be currently tied into a publishing deal.

You don’t have to be a lyricist or producer, or know anything about production.

there is no money upfront for this project, %basis.
All money made, / advances paid – will be equally split
your travel fees would be covered throughout.
For the project you have to be flexible, and realistic as to where you will be travelling from,
and your job commitments, as my studio’s based in north west London.
Please do not apply if travel is an issue.
Serious musicians only.

Girls and guys both welcome

please leave any links to relevant projects



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