Thanks for looking at my posting. I seeking someone to write my story into a feature length horror film over the next few months. It’s a psychological slasher set in the bush of Australia. The story is also about the dark nature and side of families. I need someone who is very familiar with the three-act structure, the heroes journey, And great with grammar. I wanted to write this myself but since my focus is on other projects I need a writer to fill in the blanks and doesn’t mind taking a few liberties. I have a very loose and rough draft to work with. It’s not the best but someone can work their magic on it.

I am paying 250 payment before funding and depending on funding will be paid more. the film is scheduled to be shot early next year and I’ll expect a first draft of the story in the first three months. I am also giving you credit in the credits and IMDB.

[Please feel free to submit any short film scripts or films you have written.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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