Sam (12) is a very bright kid crippled by loneliness at school and at home. She is almost completely solitary and often very unhappy. At school she sits often alone, finding an escape in sketching pictures of the stars and the various creatures she imagines inhabits them. At home she locks herself in her room and hides from her Mum & her annoying Step Dad. One day she meets the friend she’s always wanted – a little alien who’s crashed to Earth. Though unable to directly communicate with the alien, Sam strikes up an immediate bond and a friendship begins to blossom…until she accidentally slips, falls and kills her little alien friend. She now has a dead alien to deal with.

– No previous acting experience necessary.
– Must be available for a minimum of 2 days between Thursday 24th March till Friday 1st April 2016, shooting dates to be confirmed at a later date.
– Please note, due to budgetary restrictions this is an expenses only role. We will cover all travel and food costs.
– This is a final year, university graduation film.

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KATE (38)

Kate grew up in a big family. She never wanted kids but she ended up having one and she doesn’t regret it. She loves her daughter so much. Kate was for a long time a single mother, and during that time she developed an incredibly strong bond with her daughter Sam. That bond has weakened slightly in the years she has been seeing her partner, Gavin. Her increasing emotional distance from her daughter is beginning to drive her crazy and her relationship with Gavin is beginning to strain.

Females, aged 26 to 50 from Gloucester, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:
  • Accents:
    UK English

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GAVIN (32)

Gavin is very interested in himself. He grew up as an only child & has always been the centre of attention. As a result he compulsively tries to make himself the centre of every situation. Though very cocky & often irritating, Gavin’s heart is in the right place. Gavin is occasionally capable of being very kind, but his ego often lets him down. His relationship with Kate is beginning to strain but he’s powering through relentlessly. He has no interest in building a relationship with Sam.

Males, aged 26 to 50 from Gloucester, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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