Title: Seeking Event Manager + Production Crew to Create Sydney Social Event

I have begun to create an event promoting happy and healthy relationships in young people aged 16-30. I chose this cause because, being 24 myself, I know how common it is for young people to feel like they don’t belong, and the loneliness and sorrow and anger that comes with that. So I wanted to create something that allows young people to find true friends and true love that they really feel they belong with. So far I have gotten entertainment for the event, some production crew, and a team leader who is equally passionate about this cause as I am. Plus I have put some work into marketing and logistics. I have no background in planning events and I have done this work out of pure inspiration and love.

What I am now coming up against is that I do not have the capital to make this event happen. Before I go any deeper into funding options on my own, I thought I would offer up this event idea for someone with experience in planning events. I feel I have done the groundwork and am now ready for someone else to take this idea on as their own and make it happen in reality.

I am NOT going into details of the event format here because I think I have a unique and effective format, and wouldn’t want someone to steal my idea without crediting me as the founder. But if you are seriously interested then I will happily discuss all details.

What I can tell you is I am planning to have 150-500 young people in attendance. The event would most likely run for approx 3 hours from say 6-9pm.

While this is for a good cause, I understand that viewers of this listing might need some more incentive to take on running this event. As I mentioned, I do not have the capital, so I can’t pay you. However there are ways you could make a profit e.g. charging for event tickets, or through companies paying to advertise at the event or sponsor it.

This is your chance to make a difference in the world! Please apply below. Thankyou.

I am running this ad for a short time because I want to get this happening ASAP!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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