Title: Seeking Passionate, Informed Individuals Capable of Rational/Topical Debate

I wish to create a news type debate show where two teams debate topical issues, regardless of personal beliefs or opinions; dealing only with facts, statistics, and rational argument.

I am seeking two individuals who are capable of:

1) Researching issues, figures and statistics in a non-biased, informative way in a way that would benefit your argument (and consequential counter-argument).

2) Be capable of debating ‘for’ issues that may possibly be against your own beliefs. This show will not be reflective of your own beliefs, only the argument of each respective side. (disclaimers will be provided on the show)

3) Be able to keep calm under sometimes highly emotional topics, and to always be able to provide concise, rational argument.

4) Be able to present your ideas and arguments in a way that is entertaining, fluent, well presented, and understandable to the general public.

Example of the type of arguments there will be:

“Europe – In or out?”
“Trump – Hero or Villain?”
“Immigration – Friend or Foe?”
“Welfare State – Help or Hinderance?”

Any many more topics, especially if those hired are passionate about it, such as sexuality, religion, taxes, abortion, human rights, and many more.

We are looking to start filming some pilot episodes in the coming months, this will not be a frequent event, but more likely once a month. Each month we will announce the new topic, and the side you will be arguing for, and you will have a month to research and prepare for the debate. Each episode will be published on youtube under the new channel.

Experience with debate is helpful, or alternatively if you just have a passion for issues then get in touch!


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