This is a non profit shoot that will be presenting a jewellery line – Charmz4change which donate all their sales to help stop the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand.
Thailand has many street dogs that are captured, crammed into tiny cages and in horrible conditions, they are then transported to the Vietnamese borders where they are beaten, tortured alive, boiled alive and have their skin removed whilst their hearts are still beating. It is this sick and barbaric act which is believed to produce fear and it therefor makes the meat more tender and the person who eats it becomes stronger and has a aphrodisiac effect. IT MUST END

This jewellery line is aimed at raising funds to stop this by sending people out to rescue the dogs and take them back to a rescue centre where they are cared for and then hopefully rehomed to new families, it also helps with their flights and any medical attention they need.

The jewellery that I have is going to be placed on your pet or yourself – then photographed and used on the website and we hope that this will engage people to support the cause and purchase the line.

It is an amazing foundation which I got involved in a while back, being and animal lover and activist I like to help in what small way I can even if its just trying to find people like yourselves!… I have had a couple photos taken with my pup for the line but I need some fresh faces and furry friends to really make it amazing.

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for getting involved in an amazing cause for justice and change!

Photoshoot with you and your pet!

These groups help dogs rescued from the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand, street dogs from Romania, support the neglected dogs of Greece & abandoned cats in Turkey. Many of the animals rescued are found new loving homes in USA, Canada & Europe. Much of the work is from emergency calls for help, providing funds to pay for medical treatment, or arranging to find a dog it’s new home. Our goal is to rescue animals, selling jewelry is how we raise the funds to do it…

Any gender, aged 21 to 40 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out

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