Title: Seeking State Applicants for Miss Planetary America

Miss Planetary is an international beauty pageant focusing on bringing awareness to global issues and causes; as well as promoting charitability among today’s women and teens. The Teen, Miss, & Ms. Planetary International Pageant actively seeks teens and women interested in representing a state title while auditioning to become the Teen, Miss, or Ms. Planetary America 2018 (which qualifies you to represent the United States at the International Contest and Filming in June of 2018). There are three audition age categories to choose from which includes TEEN: 13-17, MISS: 18-36, & MS: 37 and older. As like other, national applicants featured on our website, in order to represent your country’s national title for America, you will need to compete in our on-line training and audition application program.

This is a program knowns as the Teen, Miss, & Ms. Planetary America appointed representative program. This is the official on-line training and audition application process, which will be held from now until August 2017, that trains you in the basic pageant techniques unique for our system. All registered applicants receive an assigned state title to represent and included in the costs of the Application Fee is their own crown & sash and the pageant training and audition applicant’s handbook to teach you the basic competition necessities as well as how to prepare your audition submission. At the end of the program year in August 2017, casting judges will review/critique your audition submission; granting the most progressed applicants with the right to represent the titles of either Teen, Miss, or Ms. Planetary America 2018. They will then be eligible to compete at the 2018 international contest.

If you are selected to become Miss Planetary America for your age division you will receive a prize package consisted of complimentary transportation, lodging, competition clothing, photography, hair & make-up services to compete at the international finals and filming. The appointed representative program is opened to both married, single, widowed, & divorced women with or without children. No prior pageant or modeling experience is required. We are looking for those who are beginners and/or pros and have interests in print modeling, runway modeling, public speaking, making public appearances as a role model, and promoting their own philanthropic cause. If this is you, then this opportunity would fit you perfectly and we encourage you to apply!

WHAT IS THE TEEN, MISS, & MS. PLANETARY AMERICA Appointed Representative Program?: It is basically an on-line pageant contest that allows you to represent a state or local title and compete for the chance to win the national American title without the headache of spending time or fortune on airfare, hotels, meals, and pageant competition clothing; since every competition category is held on-line. And if you win your national title, you get to move on to compete in the live international contest which will be filmed for television broadcasting within the USA!

COMPETITION CATEGORIES: As an on-line pageant contest, applicants a part of the Teen, Miss, or Ms. Planetary America program will compete in:

1.) Private Interview – interviewing with the casting judges via web cam,
2.) Personal Introduction – web cam video recording, introducing yourself & your platform,
3.) Photogenic ‘Glamour Shot’ – crown & sash photo in elegant or dressy attire, &
4.) Community Involvement – participation in volunteer service & public appearances with your state or local title.

THE $65 APPLICATION FEE: Includes the costs for your own state or local title to represent, your own crown, and your own title sash to wear for participating in community service and for making public appearances.

TEEN, MISS, & MS. PLANETARY AMERICA Prizes and Awards: Includes a larger crown, the national title sash for your age division, airfare to the live international pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel accommodations for the international pageant, complimentary meals and parties at the international pageant, complimentary pageant competition clothing hair, make-up, and photography services for the international pageant.



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