Casting for Horror Film produced by New Line Cinema “Bridge Water Triangle”, a found footage horror film about a group of college teens who find themselves going to one of the most haunted woods in the world, the bridge water triangle. As they are there they soon find out they are lost. With no cell phone service or direction they have no other choice but to find their way out of the well known paranormal setting, the bridge water triangle. We currently need 9 roles filled. This film is going into the process of being worked by Leigh Whannell (Saw Franchise, Insidious), Oren Peli (Paranormal Activitiy), and Vanessa Orgins (Upcoming Netflix Horror “A Prank”). This film will actually be filmed inside the Bridge Water Triangle both at DAY & NIGHT (YOU MUST NOT BE SCARED TO GO INSIDE IF YOU ARE CASTED). Pay will be discussed prior to casting. Travel and lodging will be paid for. Casting is done via Starnow and other casting sites because it is very important the cast in this film is unrecognizable to make the film seem as realistic as possible! This film will go into theatres. Thank You and Good Luck.


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