Shooting date: Saturday 12th of March

I am currently planning on shooting a short 3.5 page script on the 12th of March.

This short focuses on the stresses of being a Family Caregiver and the resentment, social isolation and general emotional fatigue that usually goes unnoticed.

My motivations for this topic is based on exaggerating a personal experience into a “what could have been” if I didn’t seek counseling.

My intentions for this short, once it is completed, is to submit it to the “Top10 Film Festival” who request that all of the short films that are submitted, are to inspire people to start a conversation about mental health and/or suicide prevention.

If selected for the Top 10 Festival, it will screen at The Ritz Cinema in Sydney and will be judged by;
* Danielle Cormack – Star of TV’s Wentworth, Rake & Xena: Warrior Princess
* Dov Kornits/Roger Smith – Editor of FilmInk Magazine
* Erin James – Actress from The Little Death
* Greg van Borssum – Assistant Director on Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2 & Weapons Advisor on Mad Max: Fury Road
* Jessica Grace Smith – Star of TV’s Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Home & Away & Director of short film Everybody Else Is Taken
* Paul Sullivan – 2nd/3rd Assistant Director on The Matrix Trilogy, Moulin Rouge & Star Wars Episodes II & III
* Peter Reynolds – Visual Effects on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, & Mad Max: Fury Road
* Shae-Lee Shackleford – Producer and Director and one third of SketchShe
* Ursula Dabrowsky – Director of Family Demons & Inner Demon

I have no idea what the prizes are, personally don’t care as I just want to get this story out there.

Safety concerns: There is a kitchen knife that I have purchased for this short and I have reduced and rounded the cutting edge to prevent any accidents

To apply;
If you have a show reel, send me a message with the link and answer;
What motivated you to want to be apart of this short with the theme of mental health awareness?


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