I am looking for a singer to collaborate on an album that is a mix of genres; classical, electronic and metal. Applicant should ideally be familiar with or enjoy all of these genres but predominantly metal.
The applicant must have some skill in writing lyrics, ideally quite dark themes. In terms of location, it is possible to collaborate remotely if the applicant has their own digital audio workstation and recording equipment.
Most of the backing tracks have already been written but it can be decided together which ones to use.

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Singer and lyricist

Applicant should be familiar with the genres of metal, classical and some electronic music as the project will be a crossover of all three. Ideally they have some experience in writing their own lyrics/or songs, with darker themes. In terms of voice, a soprano would be good but not essential. Character traits are not important but a willingness to work towards a goal, i.e. have some level of commitment.

Females, aged 18 to 40 from United Kingdom

  • Vocal ability:
    Beginner – Lead singer
  • Vocal range:

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