I need a singer for multiple demos that I am currently working on. I need both male and female singers for different projects in the pop/rock genre. I also have a couple of country songs but most are in the pop and rock genres.
I have been writing and producing for over 20 years and have collaborated with a lot of great musicians and bands. I am looking forward to meeting and working with new and maybe not so new talent. Background and experience is not important but a demonstration of your work is. So please have a demo I can listen to or website I can visit where I can hear your voice.
I have a recording studio set up at home which is where I record and produce all my demos and where we will record the vocal track. All singers will get a copy of the finished product at the end of the project along with payment.
You will be provided with a demo of the song along with a scratch vocal of what is required and a lyric sheet.


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