I am a French singer songwriter (writing in English).
I have written a recorded a few songs which you can listened to on my profile.
The instrumental track was not made with real instruments, except for a piano and a cello. The rest was computer-based.

I would like to find musicians with whom I could work on a live arrangement. I have also written and composed another song which I have not recorded yet and I would like to work on an arrangement with the same musicians and arrange for a studio recording once this is done.

This is an unpaid job. I am an amateur myself. However if we find gigs which pay, we’ll share the pay!
Also, I will pay for renting rooms/studios where we can rehearse.

I play the piano myself but I prefer to focus on the singing. Therefore I’m looking for:
– a guitarist/bassist
– a pianist
– a drummer
– a cellist

I’m hoping to write many more songs and I am happy to also co-write songs if any of the musicians are interested in that too.

I have a job so rehearsals could be done evenings or weekend, maybe once a week to start with. I’m looking for motivated people, not necessary professional.

Please contact me if you’re interested!


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