I am forming an old school R n B/Soul band for 2016. The group will be around 3 or 4 members who can all sing and be able to take a step back to give others a chance to shine. I will be the manager of the band and I will be taking care of all things from sales to arranging song writers and producers. The style of the band will be that of the old Destiny’s child, early days Mary J Blige and Aaliyah. I am working on a first album for the group and most of the songs will be themed and a close reflection of myself and my own emotions and feelings. there is a story to tell here and this is how I wish to tell it. as you know, in the music industry, lots of the work that you do will be for your portfolio and getting the paid jobs in can be a slow process however with my management skills and motivation this may not be such an issue. I know where to get the opportunities. I just need people who love to sing and who are good at it. so if you think you can be the next Beyoncé or Mary J Blige the get in touch. please can you leave me an email somehow as once you apply I will not be able to contact you because I have to pay a monthly fee on star now and I am not willing to do this. Once we have our fist 2 independent tracks down we will be able to have bigger stars feature on our album in time. There will be radio time and I hope to get music videos, dances, sponsorships, proper contracts and set up a commission based pay. the harder/the more time and effort you put in the better the rewords and success. Auditions will be held once I get the right amount of applicants in. I will select the best voices out of my style and for a group together. I want people from different backgrounds with different vocal ranges. I want to try to put some voices together and make is sound beautiful.

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