Am a Rap artist and Am super Jealous of all these dudes who Post up Covers online of Popular songs and get millions of views and actually make a living just posting the videos. We could Sooooo Do that! We could. We really could. . . We could Take a song thats on the charts and I could scratch out the verses and write in a Rap section That sticks with the theme of the song, Then YOU could come in and sing the Crap out of the chorus! Then we could Throw in The final verse/Outro and Boom! – Views, Likes, Shares, Love, Glory, Big Bucks, Champagne!

Of course this is me assuming you can at they very least hold a note Ha! You are probably thinking – “Who is this guy?” and “What if he sucks? I don’t wanna waste my awesome talent working with this dude if he sucks” well Rest assured Ye of little Faith I Do not suck 😀 – I have an almost creepy ability To hear any Piece of music and construct a Rap section that Flows with the Piece. The whole Rap angle Works coz it brings in a whole new Fan base also I am very Focused On keeping the flow and theme of the original and doing it justice. See, thats what I bring to the table!, AM gonna be bringing it, man, like, Bringing it hard! so you can’t come in all Flaky 😀 You gotta Bring the fire and have all our viewers Lose their minds! – No pressure.

I have put up a video with this AD of the last one we did just to give you an idea. Check it out! Whats awesome about this collaboration is we don’t have to be in the same room, or same city, or same country, or even same Planet ( Incidentally if any Green Sexy Martian Women Are reading this AD please do get in touch).

All you need really is a way of recording your vocals. A home studio setup maybe, or even an okay Mic on your laptop/Ipad – as long as you can get the vocals my way I will be able to Put my Not so shabby Mixing skills to use and combine Our Vocals and make it all sound dope.

And of course you will need a way to record the Visuals, again nothing complicated just you looking cute and lovable singing your heart out. Send me the footage, I cut it up with my footage and Boom!

I will then share the video On Social Media – Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc and If the buzz is crazy we could even do some originals and sell em’! The main Idea is just to bring in Tons of traffic and exposure and get some more Organic fans.

Check out the Video I have attached with this AD for an example and If you reckon You could be my partner in crime on a video or 2 apply and lets do this thing!



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