I’m looking for total of 6 male models for HBIA hair competition 2016. 2 models will b doing for hair photoshoot, I’m keen to cut your hair soon, it’s due on 28th of March, after the photoshoot i will contact you again for the runway show as well. at the same time I’m looking for 2 models for men’s cut barbering on stage. ,pls don’t get your haircut because I’m required to cut it on stage. I’m looking for creative haircut, if you’re keen to b part of the competition pls contact. HBIA hair competition is taking whole day so you need to prepare some books, food and entertainments because its gonna b a long day.

For runway show I’m looking for someone is good at doing catwalk. preferred with some good experienced catwalk.

models who helped me i will offer couple free haircut. please contact if you’re interested.


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