I’ve just completed my second contract with Celebrity Cruises (on the Celebrity Silhouette), but the band I was in have now disbanded. I’m looking to put together a new band based in or around Manchester/Leeds, seeking more contracts with Celebrity Cruises.

You must be well versed in different styles of popular music.. we cover anything popular and contemporary from the 50’s to now: rock n’ roll, disco, motown, 60’s, classic rock, top 40, 80’s pop, funk, soul, etc. etc. I’m also looking to utilise an SPD-SX (or equivalent) sample pad for certain percussion samples and maybe some loops. Anything you wanna do with it, I’d be open to. (Prince’s 1999 sounds a lot cooler with that Linn Drum sample in there)

Backing vocals aren’t required, but they will be favoured. I do, however, need a male instrumentalist who can provide some lead vocals, so let me know if that’s you!

We will perform an average of 3 or 4 x 45 minute sets per day, with occasional days off.

You’ll need a US C1D visa and a full PEME Medical Certificate. These cost money, unfortunately.. the cost of the Visa you can claim back from the cruise line, the Medical you probably won’t.

Previous experience isn’t required, I don’t mind taking on new people. You get paid to play music and travel the world, it’s an amazing job, and a great way of saving money as accommodation and food is provided.

I already have an agent, so getting a contract with Celebrity shouldn’t be any trouble. Pay is around $2200 – $2500 p/m after the 10% agent fees, depending on the contract. The contracts will be about 4 months long.

Rehearsals will be taking place up north, somewhere around Leeds/Manchester.. I don’t really mind where you’re based, but you’re gonna need to be willing to travel.

If the band clicks after the first rehearsal or two, we’re gonna need to start putting together some promo material. Photos and a video will be needed for the agent to send to the cruise line before we can get a contract secured.


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