Sound engineer wanted for new electro rock band based in London. Required for engineering rehearsals and for engineering gigs. Engineer will be able to participate in the album production too.

Musical similarities or influences;

Hard rock ; (Muse, Meatloaf, Nine Inch Nails, Queen, Billy Idol, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper)
Prog Rock ; (Pink Floyd, Genesis)
Electro & Pop ; (Bowie, The Prodigy, Gary Numan, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Prince)
Blues ; (Gary Moore, Clapton)

The six piece band includes two guitarists, bass, drums, synthesisers, click track with samples, and the music incorporates numerous influences but is primarily a very commercial rock sound complete with radio friendly songs and elements of hard rock, prog rock, operatic rock, punk, blues, jazz, rhythm n’ blues, electro, dance beats, futuristic sounds and a big, contemporary production sound. Experienced lead vocalist with four octave voice incorporating Rock, opera, blues, soul and jazz.

First album written and ready to record, rehearse and tour. Unique and original sound with extremely commercial songs containing articulate, humorous lyrics, strong melodies, hooks and riffs. Songs with important, intelligent, engaging, political and popular themes.

The band will begin performing gigs in London with the plan to play more gigs across the UK as the following grows before extending the tour internationally once we have a deal in place.

Average musician age; mid twenties, talented, experienced, very commercial and committed to international success as touring professional musicians.

Travel expenses will be paid initially with more fees being paid later once the EP and album are released. Engineer is required for both rehearsals and gigs. Rehearsals start with one every 2 weeks as gigs come. Gigs probably one every 3 or 4 weeks on average.


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