Title: Southern BG Casting, Current BACKGROUND Casting Needs… Atlanta, GA
Date: 24 April 2017 5:05 pm

Southern BG Casting

Happy Monday Atlanta!

Here is what we are looking for:

Need a Caucasian stand in for Christine Baranski. (please look her up before posting)She is 5’7 dress size 4/6.
ages 45-65

Do not submit if you are 18-40!.

She has light brown with dark blonde highlights. Hair chin length.

Must have open availability.

Interview this Thursday the 27 and starts work on May 1st- June 17th. Rate 140/12 Subject: RUTH

Need a Caucasian male and female stand in for 2 minors.

Must have brown hair preferably 1 with short dark brown hair and another with long brown hair. Height 5’0-5’4.

Must be 18 -25

NO older please.

Must have open availability. Interviews this Thursday and start work Monday May 1st-June 17th .

Rate 140/12 Subject: DYLAN If short hair height 5’1-5’4 OR JANE if Long brown hair height 5’0-5’2.

Still looking for photo dbl for David Walton please look him up before posting.

Dark brown hair 28-40 years old clean shaven. He is 6’4 170 lbs.

Must be available for interview this Thursday 4/27 work TBD. Maybe 3-4 dates Rate 150/12 Subject: MIKE DBL

Still looking for more twin boys blonde ages 2 1/2 -4. No older or younger.

Must be available this Thursday and work dates will be: 5/8, 5/9.

Rate 150/10 subject: TWINS

Looking for a Caucasian Urkel type. This was played by Jaleel White on the sitcom Family Matters.

He played a nerdish kid BUT he was AA. ages 18-30.

The directors want the same look but have it be a Caucasian male nerdy. Very featured.

Must be available 6/15 &5/16.

rate 120/10 SUBJECT: Urkel

Need a AA male to look like Donald Trump. You did not mis- read this.

So if anyone has every said hey you look like Trump then submit.

They are really looking for the hair. Ages 45-70. Must be AA male.

Work dates 6/15 & 6/11 Rate 120/10 Subject: TRUMP

Need some men to work in our strip club scene. You will be watching with an emasculated look. Very featured.

Looking for men who might be smaller or character types.

Maybe your girlfriend dragged you to a club and you feel out of place. Ages 25-55 all ethnicity.

Work dates 6/10& 6/11 Rate 120/10

Subject: Emasculated

If anything above fits you then please submit BUT only if you fit this.

we need 2 photos of your self full body and face shot

DO NOT send a photo of you and other people in it just you please.

We need your height weight and sizes.

Include your phone number.

email: bm2inatl@gmail.com


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