Title: Southern BG Casting currently Booking The Following… Atlanta, GA
Date: 18 March 2017 | 10:15 pm

Southern BG Casting

Happy Saturday!

What we are booking currently:

Male Caucasian bartender works 3/21. Clean shaven No visible tatts, Ages 25-40. Height between 5’11-6’1 good shape. very high end look. Rate 64/8 call time 9:00 am. Category: Bartender

First class passenger male Caucasian, Ages 35-55. Clean shaven. Nice wardrobe. Must look rich. Work date Tuesday 3/21 Rate 64/8. Call time 9:00 am. Category: Passenger

Bar patrons Ritz Carlton types. Work date Wednesday 3/22Business high end. Need Caucasian, Asian, ME ONLY men and women. Ages 25-60. Rate 64/8 Subject: Bar patron

African American men who look like Athletes, Rapper producers, Very Rich types. Ages 21-50 Work date 3/23 Must be ok around smoke. Rate 64/8 Subject: Bones Men

All ethnicity women ages 25-35. Very attractive. Think WAGS tv reality show. Must be hot model Type. Work date 3/23 rate 64/8 Subject: WAGS

HIGH end LUXURY cars. Please only post if your car fits the description> Porsche, Mercedes S class 500-600, BMW 700-800 series, Audi S6 A8L,S7, S8, A7 , Rolls Royce, Bentley , Tesla,Ferrari, Cadillac Escalade, HIGH end HIP hop cars, Chevy Camaro SS,Dodge challenger SRT8,Maybach,Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron,Range Rover..

The work date is Friday 3/24. Rate 64/8 + 75 car bump. NO white or red cars. Category: High End cars
We have alot mor to post coming up but this is good for now!

If you fit or have what is described above please send us a photo of yourself and a body shot with your height, weight and sizes. If you are posting a car or know anyone who might be interested to pass the word send a photo with what type of car you have make year and color.

DO not forget your phone number!

E-mail : cwtvpilotatl@gmail.com


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