Title: Southern BG Casting Currently looking for 2 stand ins: Atlanta, GA
Date: 29 April 2017 10:50 pm

Southern BG Casting

Hope everyone is have a wonderful saturday!

We are getting ready to book some great scenes. So stay tuned.

Currently we are looking for 2 stand ins:

Caucasian male ages 45- 65 height 5’8-5’10 weight 170. Dark brown or black hair.

Standing in for the actor Peter Gallagher.

Please look him up.

Must be available to go to an interview Tuesday May 2nd.

if picked will start work. Must have open availability. Rate 140/12 Subject HANK

Caucasian Female ages 40-55. Height 5’4-5’6 wight 110-125. Blond hair.

Standing in for Cheryl Hines please look her up.

Must be available to interview May 8th if picked will stay and work.

Need to have open availability. rate 140/12 Subject: Sandy

If you feel you meet the descriptions above please submit 3 photos. Full body and close up. we need your height weight and all your clothing sizes.

Do not forget to include your phone number.

Also if you have stood in before let us know.

E-mail bm2inatl@gmail.com


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