Title: Southern BG Casting Seeking the following Back Ground Actors… Atlanta
Date: 21 March 2017 | 2:39 pm

Southern BG Casting

Good morning we have a lot to book!

Still looking for a few bg for tomorrow.

2 scenes:

1 Upscale men and women ages 35-45 very nice looking Ritz Carlton bar patrons. Category: Ritz

2. Need a few more hipsters or young professionals to work a restaurant scene. ages 21-35.Rate 64/8 category: Ladybird

Need AA, Caucasian , Hispanic men who are ages 25-50 available thursday 3/22.

This is a very high end cigar house. You are very wealthy. Ex athletes, or record producers.

If you have a luxury car please submit that as well. rate 64/8 category: Smokes

Need Hot ladies ages 21-30. Must look like a top model. Works 3/24. rate64/8

category: Ladies cigar club

Saturday 3/25. Need hot kids to be in a hip hop club ages 21-30.

You are the hottest in town.

All ethnicites. Will work until around 1:00 am. rate 64/8 If you have a car also submit the year make and color. 25.00 car bump category: Dance baby

Wedding scene:

ages 35-70 Caucasian ONLY. You are very rich types.

Need to have great wardrobe men nice suits ladies nice dresses.

The work dates are Tuesday 3/38 & Thursday 3/30.

YOU do not need to be available both dates.

But please post what date/or dates you are available. rate 64/8 Also if you have a luxury car please post a photo make year and color 75.00 car bump. category: Surprise

Wedding scene:

Ethnics Hispanic, AA, ME Asian ages 25-60.

Must look like you have a lot of money. Great wardrobe.

Work dates 3/28 & 3/30 Do not need to be available both dates but please post what date or dates you can work.

Rate 64/8 Also if you have a luxury car please post year make and color. 75.00 car bump

Category: Cristal’s friends

Whew that was a mouthful!! So an important note IF you have already been booked on another scene you CANNOT work again!

If anything fits your description please send a current photo and a body shot photo. Height weight sizes. Dress, men coat ,shirt, pant and shoe. Donot forget to include your phone number.
e-mail: cwtvpilotatl@gmail.com


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