We are looking for a special effects technician for our project. payment is on deferred basis, i must stress we already have distribution, we advertised this a few months ago, but were delayed so we are readvertsing, previous applicants can apply. We need some signs changing with a diffrent logo, muzzle flashes, and a little cgi, we have a great cast on board and are filming in UK, France and Thailand. So far we have shot a quarter of the film.This project is ideal for anyone wanting to break into the film industry. If you are happy with a deferred payment please contact us with cv, experience etc. These are some of the films the cast as been in, if you like what you see please contact us today Only God Forgives, Brutal, The Asian Connection,The Mechanic, No Escape ,Pernicious ,The Legacy tv series.The Far Cry Experience, The Burma Conspiracy,Ninja: Shadow of a Tear,Pacific Rim,Never Back Down 3,Reflex, A Hitman in London ,Zero Tolerance ,Tekken: Kazuya’s Revenge ,Lost in Thailand ,Strike Back ,Skin Trade and more.

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