Do you have the perfect type of skills to create a story and produce a voiceover for an audio walking guide?

Our mobile app, Everythere has already launched on the App Store and Google Play. It entertains and educates users based on their proximity.

We’ve worked with festivals, state libraries, large events like Open House Perth and many others. Our latest challenge has been creating engaging walking guides for tourists and locals to listen to while walking around the neighbourhood or tourist attraction.

Our first walking guide “Walk & Talk – Portland” in Victoria launched about a month ago and we are keen to add more for people to explore.

A “Walk & Talk” can be anywhere you think you’ll get interest. It could be in your local neighbourhood and it could cover history, famous people and even crime, it’s entirely up to you. Through the tour there would be set waypoints, up to a maximum of 15. At each point there would be a story told and at the end of each you’d need to explain to the listener how they’ll reach the next point. Each point would consist of a mp3 and a photograph. Most users wouldn’t look at the app while doing a “Walk & Talk”, the idea is for them to be immersed in the experience, listening to you via a pair of headphones.

Perhaps you could tell a story about St Kilda or Prahran. Maybe you know a lot about the history in the CBD or perhaps you love coffee and would like to take tourists along a walk visiting a bunch of cafes, restaurants or bars.


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