Title: Student Film Casting Call in Greenville, North Carolina
Date: 2017-11-30 00:04:15

Student Film Casting Call

This a casting call for a Student Film in Greenville, North Carolina.

Casting Notice: Production title:

The Cure Logline: While looking through her textbook, Gabrielle discovers a formula that ends up being the cure for cancer.

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent / Student Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)

Production location: East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina

Production Company: JCho Productions

Director: Julia Chojnowski

Producer: Julia Chojnowski

Audition Location: East Carolina University, Jenkins Fine Arts Building

Shooting Location: Greenville, North Carolina

Email: chojnowskij14@students.ecu.edu

Compensation: No payment, Copy of film, Name in credits

Please RSVP to the email above by Dec. 1 if you plan to audition.

KEY DATES Auditions: December 2 2017, 4-7pm, East Carolina University, Jenkins Fine Arts Building Call Backs: December 4-8 2017

Rehearsals: January 2018, Specific Time/Dates TBD

Shooting Dates: January 26-28; February 2-4, 9-11 (Specific dates and time TBD, Additional days may be added)

Key Characters: GABRIELLE [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 20-25], Senior at University. Though she is scared when she first discovers the formula, she knows she has to do the right thing. Gabrielle seems sweet and innocent but is smart, driven and passionate.

SARA [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 23-28], Graduate student at University. She is roommate and they have gotten close, however, she secretly works for JMB. Sara is smart and manipulative but does care for Gabrielle.

DR. BENNETT [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 45-65], Pathologist and Biology Professor at East Carolina University. Dr. Bennett was part of the team that discovered the formula. It is unknown if he is helping out JMB or not. Dr. Bennett is very mysterious and tricky. He is knowledgeable about his field of study and cares for his students but is easily manipulated.


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