I’m a Melbourne based Makeup artist, Hairstylist, and Photographer from Toronto currently looking to network with other creatives to boost our portfolios or merely fill in spare time – this means complete creative freedom on your own terms. I have found photographers but am now on the hunt for a stylist actively in the industry.

I am not biased to any style of clothing but it would appreciate if you were strongly opinionated in what you liked/didn’t like so we can bounce off each other with ideas.

I personally love neutral clothing, simple but deconstructed. Similar to Groceries Apparel, MNML, Somedays Lovin, For Love and Lemons, Spell Byron Bay etc, I am also a fan of boutique brands and boho brands. Another shoot I would like to do would be a campaign for simplistic/dainty jewellery pieces. These are just to give you an idea of what I currently have in mind.

Please don’t hesitate to inquire further as I understand this is very brief!

HOD Stylist

You will have complete creative freedom with this role and will be solely responsible for your presentation.
We are looking for friendly, funny, energetic as this is an effort to create long term friendships with other creatives.

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Victoria, Australia

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