Title: Sun & Moon Studios NC, CASTING CALL Lead Anchor Position Carolina’s Own Podforce Five. Charlotte, Area
Date: 23 March 2017 | 7:59 pm

Sun & Moon Studios NC CASTING CALL

Lead Anchor Position


Carolina’s Own Podforce Five

We will be taking in submissions for one more

position on our anchor team.

We are looking for a female anchor.
The anchor position requires one day per month
(Usually the closest Monday to the 20th)
to be at the studio for recording and photos.
The anchor is expected to provide two duties
beyond that.
1. 2 video reports (raw footage only) to be
turned in by the 15th of every month per month.
These reports should be from 5-8 minutes in
length for dialogue and 3-5 minutes of Background
Footage (if the report is for a event or location).
Further instructions will be given upon hiring.
2. Each anchor is responsible for participating
in Social Media Engagement for the show 2 times
per week. This is in the form of sharing the
show content on their FaceBook pages and other
social media outlets. Discussion with fans is
encouraged as well.

You will be working as part of a four person anchor
team, and you will also have several field reporters
delivering content monthly as well.

You will work closely with the studio in
developing successful segments and in
developing your own branding through YouTube,
Facebook and Instagram type environments.

Having your own camera that can record at 1080p
is a plus, but is not necessary. If you need
a camera and a microphone or two, we can set
that up on our end.

This is a paid position on the show.

Please send a video submission with the following
information included:

Name (If you have an account or profile on IMDB,
please use that name here)
Date of Birth
Our show covers four main areas of content –
1. Local Fashion in the Carolinas
2. Local Artists in the Carolinas
3. Local Music in the Carolinas
4. Local Entertainment in the Carolinas
If you had to pick two to specialize in for reports,
which two would you select?
Explain why.

Send the video submission to
In your subject line for the email, please put

Please understand that these instructions must be
followed explicitly in order to be considered.
We are looking for someone who is reliable,
who is able to relate to others well, and who can
be committed to developing an excellent
independent news source for Entertainment in the

This position is to be filled by April 30th, and
we will accept submissions for this role until
that time.

Thank you,
Sun & Moon Studios NC
Casting Department


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