Chesney and Alan are undertakers working for a criminal crematorium specialising in the illegal disposal of murdered persons. For their latest assignment, they meet the Husband, who has accidentally killed his wife in the heat of the moment during an argument. They are put to the test when it turns out that the wife is not actually dead. Their journey takes us through the house of the “deceased”, an overly vocal body bag, and packed lunch sushi.

HUSBAND (35-50): The Husband as we see him is a scared man having accidentally murdered his wife. He is quiet and introverted, mostly muttering just one line of dialogue over and over in his anxious state. However, it is not the dialogue that makes his part, it is his actions; shaking and being generally terrified at the whole prospect.

We aim to hold auditions during the week of February 8th-12th at Middlesex University, Hendon. Furthermore, our shooting dates are set in stone due to crew and location availability, meaning there is little leeway in the scheduling. We have planned 5 principle days of shooting, one of them being a pick up day, yet only 3 of them involving this character. These dates are:

Sunday 28th February
Monday 29th February
Wednesday 2nd March

Should you be interested, auditions can be arranged for any day that suits you in the week suggested above.

We can supply you with a copy of the script upon interest.

And unfortunately, being students on a tight budget, we cannot afford to pay our actors. However, we will supply food, drink, and expenses for travelling to and from the set.

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