i’m holding a charity talent competition in baldock hertfordshire (near Stevenage)
dancers are wanted

i’m holding the contest instead of auditions because i would like to help charities and to get a script writing of mine on you tube, so acting will be involved later

short film put on youtube – 10-15 minuets (male and female dancer needed)
there will be an audience and medals and certificates will be won at the contest
the 1st winners will get the part of being in my short film put onto you tube together.
the audience will help 2 charities – wwf (polar bears) and the encephalitis society

(this is unpaid as the audience will give donations to come and watch the contest
medals for 2nd and 3rd place as well as certificates for all 3
short film – involves dancing and acting
held in march

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beginner talent

i’m doing a short film to put my scriptwriting on youtube as well as an getting your talent on youtube
i’m looking for a male and 2 female dancers playing roles in my script

instead of auditions i’m holding a charity talent contest giving money to wwf and the encephalitis society from a audience.
in baldock herts
basic description of script -Jack, enjoys dancing with others while actually being lost without a friend he has behind with the female dancers knowing something is wrong with him,

Any gender, aged 22 to 29 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Dancing ability:

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