Company: #Taplife Company
Location: NY
Compensation: This is a preprofessional opportunity

The #TaplifeToo Company is a pre-professional tap dance company for those that are serious about furthering their tap dance abilities, knowledge, and performance skills. Dancers learn #TaplifeToo choreography as well as some of the repertory for #Taplife Company. As a company we seek out and attend tap festivals, concerts and shows. We offer guest series workshops with the premier tap teachers of today, host company activities (i.e. summer camp), and bring you in to be part of  both live and recorded productions. Currently #TaplifeToo operates in many states states – including NY, CT, NJ and by April/May the Greater New England Area.

For additional information please contact us by vsiting our website. We would be happy to answer any questions or send you a copy of our #TaplifeToo company requirements.


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