As a Teamstar at Park Resorts you must have a great personality!

You will be required to mix with guests of all ages and ensure that everyone is happy and having a great time!

You will help to run daytime events such as Kids clubs, quizzes, arts and crafts and sports events.

Evening activities will include: Bingo, gameshows, dancing with guests, talking to guests, hosting, dj-ing, party dancing……..

We are looking for singers and dancers to take part in our production shows, but even if you have two left feet and the voice of a strangled cat there is still a place for you if you are energetic and lively. This is the job for anyone who wants a lively lifestyle!

If you want to have the best summer of your life doing the best job in the world then please apply for more details.

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Can you ensure that everyone is having a good time

You will need to be: Lively, fun, energetic, personable, friendly, smiley and fabulous!!

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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