Short and sweet

Without blowing my own horn, my motorsport and nature / wildlife photography is good.

My experience with people is limited. I have managed some good photos but need to improve. One of my main problem areas is directing people how to pose. Yes, I also need to improve on lighting. I can send you examples of my latest work if need be.

With this is mind. I am looking for models that is willing to do some test shoots on a tfcd basis. Maybe this might be more suited to new models who do not have a big portfolio yet. It is of course open to all models. Preference will be given to someone who is fairly good with her own make-up and hair.

I would also prefer a model with patience. I do not envisage all day shoots, but need someone that will be patient while I practise and experiment with light modifiers, etc. I will always ensure that there are some good images from the shoot. Can and will use my trusted methods as well.

As I do not have a studio these will have to be location shoots. I am willing to travel out to your area to a venue of your choice. You are more than welcome to bring someone along to the shoot as I do understand a lady’s need to feel safe, etc.


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