Casting directors are looking for young African-American men and women ages 18 to 25 years old with natural hair to work on scenes filming in Atlanta. Producers are looking for talents with smaller thin frames and with medium to darker skin tone. Filming will shoot on various dates between May 22 and July 3.


The Best of Enemies is about civil rights activist Ann Atwater and the segregationist turned activist named C.P. Ellis.  The film takes place during a pivotal moment in society; North Carolina’s decision to integrate black and white schools.  This movie sets out to tell the realistic truths of this incredibly difficult time for so many.  While getting rid of segregation was seen as a huge win for America, many racist southerners felt the opposite.  People were not welcomed into their schools, and tons of controversy ensued.

C.P. Ellis was born and raised on the poor west side of Durham, North Carolina, and as a young man, he joined the Ku Klux Klan seeking a sense of brotherhood and belonging.  Eventually, he changed his ways and realized that his views were due to his racist upbringing.  He then spent the rest of his life as a civil rights activist, meeting plenty of influential people like Ann Atwater along the way.


Where: Atlanta

When: May 22nd – June 3rd

What: Extra Roles

Taraji Henson is an American author and actress known for several works since she started in the industry in 1996.  She most recently starred and flourished in the incredible film, Hidden Figures.  This is a tremendous opportunity to be in a movie with tons of significance and meaning both in history and in our present world.  Not only will you be paid for this position, you will gain plenty of valuable experience and meet industry professionals that can open up new doors for you.

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