** Please be aware that this listing is in the “Actors & Extras” category as there is no “Writers” category available on this website. **

Melbourne’s newest, just-starting out, do-it-ourselves, fund-it-ourselves, all-female comedy production group urgently needs another 30+ writer (40+ preferred for balance within the group).

We are appearing in RAW on Feb 14th so, due to sudden & unexpected cast changes, we will be rehearsing intensively until then. We have a script for four performers ready & our “bit” runs for less that five minutes. Assuming we get through to the next level there are another three appearances culminating in the National Final which takes place in Melbourne in early April.

Please be aware that if you have already earned $500 or more from comedy you are ineligible to appear in RAW at all (their rules). So sorry, but in this case, please do not apply.

After RAW, which we like to think of as our “springboard”, the successful applicant will be expected to write scripts on a regular & frequent basis as we’re also busy compiling enough material for a series of thirty-minute (hopefully TV) shows. Thus, attendance at our usual, twice weekly meeting/rehearsals is mandatory (times are flexible & mutually agreed upon).

Our production model is based on that of the Pythons – a core group of writers who also perform and sometimes produce their own material. The goal is to establish a core group of six or more writers. We already have most of them.

So, if you’re an unknown/aspiring/frustrated female comedy writer (ie: already writing comedy) looking for a start in Melbourne NOW is your chance!

The Goddess of Mirth has spoken. This is your last chance to appear with us in RAW &, the Goddess willing, go on to greater things as a fully-fledged Covener. Get in touch instantly for an immediate interview this weekend.


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