My Name is Luca Forcignano. I am a filmmaker from Italy currently living and studying in Berlin. I am a currently a student at the Met Film School Berlin. I am in pre production for my next short film and for this, i am looking for actors to collaborate with. Below is a quick summary of the film to give an overview

‘After a traumatizing event on the streets of Berlin a young woman is forced to use every muscles in her body to prevent her inevitable suicide’

I currently have my female Lead and only looking for her Male counter parts. I am looking for three guys which should range from ages 20-50 with different body builds.

I will be hosting a very quick Casting at the Met film school next week Monday 11/04. The film is schedule to shoot on the 16&17th of April so availability is paramount. For more details on my self previous work etc, and the film please feel free to contact me on


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