It is a reading of a script to find suitable actors for different characters. I was trying to fund a project through a kickstarter campaign so I need to show what I am trying to do for making people believe I am able to do this. (Friend’s advice). I hope you find interest to attend this casting, I am not still sure if you are going to be part of this project until the end but it is a chance to know more about this project.

Female characters’ characteristics

-Red hair, white skin, 34 years old. 1,69
-Brown hair, peach skin, 35 years old. 1,75
-Black hair, thin, 58-64 years old. 1,75
-Black hair, green eyes, dark skin, 30 years old. 1,75
-Blond hair, blue eyes, white skin, 30 years old, 1,75

Male characters’ description

-Blond hair, gray eyes, 34 years old. 1,80 cm
-Black hair, green eyes, 40 years old. 1,80
-Brown hair, blue eyes, 30 years old, 1,80
-White hair, blue eyes, 64-75 years old, 1,75
-Blond hair, green eyes, 38 years old. 1,80


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