My film is looking to start being filmed in a few months time I’m looking for two main actors who are from two different gangs, it’s not so much as about the gangs I’m focusing on Im looking at a more personal side to how these two lads got there. I’m looking for reliable actors who have free time who wish to gain more credits and gain more experience for their acting portfolio, this is a no budget film so its your own time and free will I need to make this film work and I will do my best to make a great film, it is my first project but you got to start somewhere, you will be catered for on the shoot days, you will be imbd credited and receive a copy of the film.

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leading gang member

the stereotypical gang member but possesses the inner most respect when its involving something they care about, I am looking for a late teen but if older I don’t mind as long as you can play off a young feisty character who can change their emotion in a matter of seconds

Males, aged 18 to 30 from Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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