Two actors needed for the lead roles.
We’re recreating the tennis court scene in ‘Get Hard’ and adapting it for a British audience.
We will be shooting in Nottingham, so being more local to Nottingham would be ideal.
The shoot will be taking place across one day on Wednesday the 2nd of March, for a 10am start. The exact location is still TBC and so will be emailed to you a couple days before shooting day.
This is a student project and so will be unpaid work, however travel expenses will be paid for as well as food and drink being provided on the day.
Also a copy of the final cut will be sent to you as well any unedited footage you would like, for showreels etc.

Kevin Hart’s character is the more challenging role as it requires the use of multiple accents and behaviours to be changed quickly on the fly. We’re adapting the script to make these accents Scottish, Cockney/Southern and a stereotypical, flamboyant camp behaviour (the impersonation is supposed be a stereotype of someone who is gay).

Will Ferrell’s character is still fairly challenging having to be quite deadpan as well as being a bit awkward and cowardice. A stereotype of a white middle class man.

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Darnell – Lead role. (Kevin Hart’s character)

The role of Darnell is the most challenging role in the scene. The character will impersonate 3 very different people, changing between them fairly quickly. This means you will have to be able perform a Scottish/Northern accent, a Cockney/Southern accent and be able to act flamboyantly, impersonating a stereotype of someone who is gay.

Males, aged 25 to 35 from United Kingdom

  • Height:
    152 cm / 5ft 0in – 182 cm / 6ft 0in
  • Minimum Acting experience:
  • Languages:
  • Accents:
    UK Scottish

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