Working Title: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Two actors required for supporting and lead roles in a short film filmed around Leeds & Headingley area.

Filming between: 15th Feb – 15th Mar

Lead role requires young adult female (18-22 y/o).
Supporting role requires middles-aged male (40 – 55 y/o).

The short film features a young woman who runs away from home and an abusive step-father, alone in the big city (Leeds) she finds she has no money or friends she can reach. The audience is kept out of the picture that the young woman has a guardian angel watching over her. Examples being: She is forced to steal, but luckily she finds money before doing so and pays for food. Later as she walks along the street, distracted and angered by an incoming call from her step-father, she steps out into the road only to be knocked backwards by a jogger, as she looks up to yell angrily a car speeds past and she realises she could have died.

Later on she finds herself at a bridge where she feels so alone and lost that she wants to jump off, before she does however she is approached by a man who asks her what she is doing and why. After receiving her response his true identity is revealed, her guardian angel… her father who died when she was young. After an emotional conversation he disappears and the young woman hears his voice again and knows he’s always there for her, she straightens up and backs away from the bridge and is ready to take on life once again.

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