I’m looking for actors for a shoot as part of a web series I’m working on. I need one or two people, 25-30, male or female, to play the best friends of the main character. The main character is posing as a real life vlogger, kind of like lonelygirl15, and the scenes will be improvised as if the characters are on a night out in Brighton. It’s unpaid but I’ll cover expenses and all being well I’m hoping to bring the characters back later on in the series. We’re filming on the 2nd of April, between 6pm and 8pm. If you are at all interested please message me and I’ll provide full details of the project and what is involved.

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Best friend

The scenes we’ll be shooting will be unscripted and as such I’m hoping to work out the details of the character with the actor. All we know at the moment is that the character is 25-30 and either went to university or worked with the main character in the series, whom they haven’t seen for a long time. Everything else is to be devised in advance of the shoot.

Any gender, aged 25 to 30 from Brighton, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:

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