Urgent Casting Call

Actor/s Wanted: 2 Supporting Role (Male)
Project Title: Dissension
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid
Male/Female: Male
Age group: 18 – 30
Ethnicity: Chinese/ Asian
Date/s: 29 April 2016
Location/s: Braeside, Melbourne

Audition Date: 11st Apr, 6pm-10pm, VCA, Southbank

Time: 3mins
Genre: Psychological, Thriller, Crime
Tag-line: Thicker Than Blood
Log-line: A member of a triad tries to stop a conflict amongst his brothers but instead ends up in a situation where he must choose between his brotherhood or himself. 
Theme: Would one sacrifice their life because of loyalty

Dissension is a 3min 1st Year VCA Master student short film, written and directed by Clement Soo.

Three friends, bonded together in a brotherhood, slowly drift apart. The eldest, Ben, decides to move on his with his life for the benefit of the triad. Chance, naïve and stubbornly loyal to Ben, cannot understand this and resists with Ben. Ben forced to use brutal forces to hurt Chance. Stan, the rebel and most emotional, cannot forgives Ben for what he did and seeks revenge. Stan shoots Ben to the ground and about to kill him when Chance tries to stop Stan but accidentally shoots Stan. As police arrive and with Stan and Ben both bleeding to death, Chance must decide whether he want to save his brothers or run for his life. In the end, though Chance realizes there is no way he can save his brothers, he stills stays and faces the police with them.

Supporting role to fill:
Ben (28) – Owner of a limo company, eldest of the brothers, serious, smart, a role model to Chance.

Stan (23) – Youngest of the brothers, rebel, emotional, impulsive, loyal to Chance.

Actors will be auditioned for both role, the decision will be made by the production team.


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