Title: Two Actresses Required for Lead Roles In Abuse Drama Short Film

‘The Fabulous Life of Abuse’

The concept for ‘The Fabulous Life of Abuse’ will be a short Domestic drama about two girls, sisters. The sisters are discussing their hopes and aspirations in life. The film will have an innocent, coming-of-age feel. The girls are going to be very ambitious with their dreams almost seeming that they could be untamable and unachievable. One girl wants to be a famous actress, she wants to live in Hollywood and live a life of fame and fortune. The other is aspiring to be a fashion designer and have shows in New York fashion week.
Then one of their parents return home and the girls become instantly frightened and fearful. They hear yelling and someone running towards their room and the audience discover that the girls are part of an abusive family and achieving their hopes and dreams can be more difficult than normal because they are constantly beaten and emotional abused. The girls begin to act more and more frightened and completely different from how they were acting before. Then suddenly the parent enters the room and it quiet but suspenseful and it ends abruptly. Leaving the audience unaware of what happened next.

Auditions and Shoot dates – TBA
Auditions and shoot dates will most likely to be in April 2016

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