What if two young boys with their hearts set on spending the night in the great outdoors have their dreams dashed by what’s seems to be their own imaginations?

The Sleepover

Sitting patiently staring out into his garden, Russell, 9 an excited and lively young boy watches his mother as she adds the finishing touches to a tent in the centre of a well maintained garden. After finishing, she enters the home to make sure Russell has everything he needs for his sleepover in the garden. The front door swings open as Russell’s dad arrives home from a fishing trip, equipment in hand. Excited, Russell quickly stands in anticipation of his friends arrival, but deflates when he realises it’s his dad. Moments after, the doorbell rings. Russell sprints to open the door. Standing like a solider, Bobbie, 9 clutches a lunch box in one hand and a sleeping bag in the other and just simply nods and Russell. He nods back.
The boys stand at the top of the garden in silence, pyjamas on, looking on at there abode for the night. They share an approving look at one another.

Night time falls and both boys are cosy in there sleeping bags. The anticipation throughout the day does not live up to expectation as the boys appear bored, clicking a torch off and on again. Out of boredom, the boys begin to clear their lunch boxes throwing any healthy substitutes to one side. The boys then attempt to tell one another scary tales, ridiculous and unbelievable. Abruptly cutting of one of Bobbies stories, Russell expresses how much he needs to wee. Fearful from the stories, Russell creeps out of the tent and through the dark, constantly scanning his surroundings. After relieving himself, he turns back to the tent but a disturbance at the top of the garden catches his attention. He looks up to see a black silhouette looking directly at him. Terrified, he sprints back to the tent, zips it up and sits in shock. Over exaggerating what he saw, he stresses to Bobbie that they need to escape the garden back to the safety of his house. The boys devise an over elaborate plan, impossible to hatch. After psyching each other up, the boys quickly leave the tent and head for the house. Bobbie sprints towards the first obstacle of the plan but Russell runs screaming toward safety. Russell reaches the door to the house but it’s locked. He hears a growl coming from behind him as a figure raises up, towering over him. Russell just screams. Out of nowhere, a spade smashes across the figures head, knocking it to the ground. The figure lets out a manly scream as the security light beams on. Lying on the floor in a makeshift costume is Russell’s dad. Shouting out of an open upstairs window, Russell’s mom mocks his dad and tells the boys to come inside in the warmth.

We are looking to shoot between 12/03/16 – 20/03/16 but this is flexible depending on talent.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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Quieter of the two, Bobbie shares many of the same characteristics as Russell, however he tends to be more easily led, in short he will do as Russell says, nothing more than loyalty to his best friend of course!

Males, aged 8 to 13 from Gloucester, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:

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