I am working on a tableau photography project which will construct scenes on location portraying strange situations based on real life experiences. The theme is disconnections and it will show people in domestic situations where there is something strange with their relationships. The concept: People share their lives together and embark on relationships, whether platonic or otherwise, often coexisting and sharing the same spaces and experiences. Yet within these intimate places and moments, there may exist rifts or disconnection making these intimate moments and spaces appear alien and strange. Moments where eerie juxtaposition and disconnection of souls and thoughts come together to create questions, anxiety and mystery for the viewer.

I need people who look ordinary, however have something unconventional about them. People with characterful faces, faces which tell a story, faces which are outstanding in their interest. Some of the scenes may feature nudity or partial nudity.

I’m looking for people of all ages and genders.

Inspirations come from the artistic works of Edward Hopper.

Please get in touch with some current photos if you’re interested.

This is a personal project with no budget, however travel expenses will be paid and copies of the final prints made available to the participants.

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