Title: UNCSA Second Year Short Film
Date: 2018-01-10 01:17:41

UNCSA Second Year Short Film – Casting Lead Roles

Casting Call Notice:

Shooting will take place March 24 and 25 in Winston-Salem, NC Unpaid but actors will receive IMDB credit and a copy of the film Must provide own transportation


Ben (13-15)
A kid from a wealthy, loving home who rebels against his ‘boring’
life under the tutelage of the town thug. He feeds his angst with mischief and bullying, but deep down he has a kind heart.

Jack (15-16)
A tough, mean-spirited kid from a rough upbringing. The rules don’t apply to him and he isn’t intimidated by anyone or anything.

Kid/Demon (11-14)
An optimistic, happy, gullible young kid looking for new friends and a fun time. / Spawn of the underworld. His goal is to cause and manipulate hate and destruction.

Mom (40s)
The loving mother of two. There is nothing that means more to her than her children.

Please send headshots and resumes to demonscastinguncsa@gmail.com


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