Person casted will be notified by March 12th. Please be aware that this is not a professional project, but is just for entertainment.
Will be posted to YouTube.

Applicants MUST have some kind of voice reel on their profile, whether it be audition lines or just a demo reel. If you do not have a demo reel or something to allow me to hear your voice, your application will NOT be considered.

You will be recording lines and sending them into me over email.

Looking for a very smooth and kind voice. I mean it’s Superman. He’s perfect.

Summary: Karly Mathis went to school with Clark Kent, and she saw him all the time. But she never once spoke to him.

She finds herself constantly thinking about him, even after they go their separate ways.

Years later, Karly is now working with Dr. Hamilton at DARPA. When they are sent to the Arctic, she finds her life in danger until she is saved…by none other than Clark Kent!

Having endless questions about the boy she thought she knew, she returns to her hometown and meets with him to discuss who he really is. Karly promises him that she will protect his secret.

This proves to be difficult when Zod sends his message to Earth, and the FBI takes Karly in under the belief she knows something she isn’t telling.

Clark surrenders himself and frees her. Together, they go to face Zod and perhaps find love while they’re at it.

Audition Lines:
1) It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright! It’s alright! (K: Clark?!) You know who I am? (K: We went to school together. What are you doing here?) (referring to her jacket) May I? You’re hemorrhaging internally. And if I don’t cauterize this bleed… (K: What?) I can do things that other people can’t. (K: What are you talking about?) You have to swear you won’t tell anyone. (K: Won’t tell anyone what?) (sighs) Hold my hand. This is really gonna hurt.

2) You can open your eyes now. Are you alright?

3) Karly… (K: Why me?) Because you saw past what everyone else saw.


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