Girl Adrift follows the story of Sera, an aspiring actress in her twenties. We’re introduced to Sera as she anxiously prepares for an upcoming audition. The film depicts how the outcome of this event acts as a catalyst for Sera to reflect, and evaluate the turns her life has taken, and where she might be heading.
The film is an attempt to encapsulate the thoughts, and sentiments of a generation now forced with the idea of growing up, and having to face the unknowable future. It also examines friendships, and relationships in the context of sacrifice.

My intention is to shoot this film on 16mm film stock, with a relatively small cast and crews, so that it may be entered in upcoming short film festivals.

The film is very much inspired by the style of film-making on display in A Woman Under the Influence, Drugstore Cowboy, and Husbands and Wives.

At present I am seeking a person to record sound, preferably (but not a must) someone who has their own sound equipment
You will mainly be required to record sound for two characters at any given time.
Shooting dates are for the 27th, and 28th of February – alternating between day and night shoots, in Melbourne locations

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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