My name is Sue and am an emerging young talent completing second year of hairdressing apprenticeship at French Salon Marie-France Group, West Pymble and wanting to further train and refine hair colouring skills.

I am currently looking for models for hair colour service to complete my training and TAFE Colour assessment.

The COLOUR Service consists of following:

1. Scalp Bleach- urgently require models with already existing scalp bleach who would like their regrowth touched up.

2. Colour correction / change – from either light to dark or dark to light .. This means if you are wanting to go 2 -3 shades lighter or darker all over you are the perfect model! This is usually a block change of lighter or darker without foils, but if you have any questions..feel free to send me an email.

There will be a small charge for use of product up to $60 depending on the hair length and amount of product used.

Please note, shampoo and a blow dry is free.

Entire hair colouring session will be supervised by our Salon and TAFE educator to achieve the best look possible and leaving you looking refreshed and new for the day.

Please allow yourself 3 hours for the entire Service as I will be assessed by our Salon Educator and TAFE teacher after application, processing and styling.

Enjoy the colour service at a high end salon with high end products!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the salon.


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