We are Wade Bros Productions and we are making a music Video for the artists Napoleon iiird.

The video will be set within an abandoned warehouse and will centre around a small society of people who meet to release anger/frustration, giving them a platform to handle grief in a way not usually accepted. This involves them essentially smashing and breaking symbols of their past lives (physically smashing and breaking things) and becoming re-born. We need a variety of performers of all different ages and backgrounds to make up the group.

The video is very performance based and will require quite a lot of intense/raw emotion and performance as we really want people to ‘let go’ during their individual sessions. Each performer we want to have their own unique character and we would like to work with you to create them. For example we want to have a businessman in his suit and with his briefcase rebelling against his corporate lifestyle by smashing and breaking up his laptop and various gadgets he is tied to.

It’s a conceptual music video which is very ambitious and will get a lot of coverage once complete.

We will be filming on friday evening of the 22nd of April and all day Saturday 23rd April in a warehouse in Mirfield. I will give more details regarding the film and location etc once we begin a dialogue.

Unfortunately we cannot pay performers however we can provide a copy of the video once complete.

It should be a very interesting piece to be a part of and we would love to hear from you.

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