Title: Viral Video – Inspirational Teacher: a Chance to Say Thank You

We are creating a short 2-3 minute video giving people a chance to surprise their old teacher and say thank you for inspiring them.

We will be inviting our chosen people to come to our studio in London and be interviewed about their past and where they are now. We are interested in people who have an exciting story to tell.

– Maybe you struggled at school?
– Had a tough upbringing?
– Had an undiscovered talent?
– Suffered loss / bereavement?
– Got into crime?
– Were excluded for bullying or bad behaviour?

We want to hear about how a teacher changed your life and helped you through this. People who have had their lives transformed by the support of a teacher or something someone said to them. This is your chance to go back and let them know how they helped you.

*It may not be a teacher who inspired you, but someone else in your life. We also want to talk to people who have pushed the boundaries they live in and explore what motivated them to do so. If you have anyone who has been this rock and inspiration in your life we would love to hear about them.

Please apply with your name and details of your experience. Plus an indication of where your teacher might be now. We want to contact them directly and not tell them exactly what we are doing so it is a surprise when you sit down with them, thank them and tell them about where you are now.

The Creators:
We run a non-profit social movement called Acting On A Dream. Our motto: anything is possible. We encourage audiences worldwide to chase their dreams and push themselves to do what they never thought was possible. We raise money for multiple charities and are developing outreach programmes for under privileged children and people who have never been encouraged to chase a dream.

Shoot Date:
Sunday 16th October

Central, East London.

The main platform this video will be pushed out on is Viral Thread which has over 5 million likes on Facebook to gain maximum awareness for the people we interview and the work they are doing.

Acting On A Dream is a non-profit and any money we do make we donate to charity, therefore we can only offer to cover travel expenses. You will only be needed for a maximum of 1.5hrs on the day. We are expecting the video to get millions of views so it would be huge exposure for anyone involved and all for a great cause.

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