We’re a group of 6 2nd year students taking the degrees of 3D Digital Design and Animation and Media Arts Production respectively, both based in The University of Greenwich (London).

This term we have been given a common project. We are going to make a computer game based on Margaret’s Antwood short story ”Stone Matress” which talks about Verna, a 65 year old serial husband killerr who signs up for a cruise of the Arctic. At the meet-and-greet in the airport hotel, “there’s a lot of sportswear in the room,” writes Atwood. “Much beige among the men, many plaid shirts, vests with multiple pockets. She notes the nametags: a Fred, a Dan, a Rick, a Norm, a Bob. Another Bob, then another: there are a lot of Bobs on this trip.”

One of the Bobs turns out to be someone from long in the past, who got Verna pregnant in high school and cruelly humiliated her. He doesn’t recognize her all these decades later, though she recognizes him and decides to exact her revenge, which involves weaponizing a chunk of rock from a 1.9-billion-year-old fossilized stromatolite. As the young scientist lecturing the cruise passengers that day explains, “the word comes from the Greek stroma, a mattress, coupled with the root word for stone. Stone mattress: a fossilized cushion, formed by layer upon layer of blue-green algae building up into a mound or dome. It was this very same blue-green algae that created the oxygen they are now breathing. Isn’t that astonishing?”

Your job would be to record no more than 20 sentences that our playable character will say along the game.

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